IRWIN Metal Cutting Blades

IRWIN Metal Cutting Blade

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IRWIN Metal Cutting Blades Features:

IRWIN® Metal Cutting Blades feature metal cutting grade carbide teeth which withstand impact, reduce wear and maintain long cuttinglife. The anti-vibration vents are laser-cut into each blade to optimise blade stability and prevent it from warping so that the blade continues to deliver smooth, accurate cuts.
  •  Laser cut anti-vibration vents keeps the blade cool for smooth and accurate cuts
  • Anti-kickback tooth shoulder reduces dust and sparks for safer cuts
  • Metal cutting grade carbide teeth withstand impact, reduces wear and delivers long life
  • Laser cut blade body and a stronger tooth bond allows for an accurate and true cut
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Item #SizeTeethRPMsArborBushApplicationShelf Qty
4935555ANZ184mm (7¼”)48T500020mmN/ASteel/Thin Steel10
4935560ANZ184mm (7¼”)68T400020mmN/ASteel/Thin Steel10
4935559ANZ355mm (14")80T180025.4mmN/ASteel/Thin Steel10