Marathon® Series Circular Saw Blades


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Marathon® Series Circular Saw Blades Features:

The IRWIN MARATHON saw blades have been designed to meet the pressures of the jobsite, provide long life and durability without sacrificing speed of cut.
  • Patented EVO alternating thin kerf design provides faster speed of cut
  • Expansion control slots reduce blade warping, vibration for cleaner truer cuts
  • Heat vents reduces heat and aids in chip ejection
  • Precision ground teeth provide smooth and accurate cuts
  • Brazed construction grade carbide for longer life and increased durability
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Item #SizeTeethRPMArborBushApplicationShelf Qty
9098011160mm (6-1/4")40T830020mm16mmTrim/Finish5
9098012184mm (7-1/4")24T830020mm16mmFraming/Ripping10
9098014184mm (7-1/4")40T830020mm16mmTrim/Finish10
9098016184mm (7-1/4")60T830020mm16mmTrim/Finish10
9098017210mm (8-1/4")24T730025mm16mmFraming/Ripping5
9098019210mm (8-1/4")40T730025mm16mmTrim/Finish5
9098020210mm (8-1/4")60T730025mm16mmTrim/Finish5
9098021235mm (9-1/4")20T670025mm16mmFraming/Ripping10
9098023235mm (9-1/4")40T670025mm16mmTrim/Finish10
9098024235mm (9-1/4")60T670025mm16mmTrim/Finish10
9098025184mm (7-1/4")24/40T830020mm16mmFraming/Ripping & Trim/Finish10
9098026184mm (7-1/4")18/24/40T830020mm16mmFraming/Ripping & Trim/Finish10
9098031184mm (7-1/4")40T830020mm16mmTrim/Finish10 Bulk
9098032235mm (9-1/4")20T670025mm16mmFraming/Ripping10 Bulk
9098033235mm (9-1/4")40T670025mm16mmTrim/Finish10 Bulk