QUICK-GRIP® Bar Clamps - XP600

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QUICK-GRIP® Bar Clamps - XP600 Features:

  • Patented POWER LOCKS™ hold more pressure, longer. Provides 272kg of one-handed force
  • Double Locking Swivel Jaws to allow even distribution of clamping forces
  • 94mm Throat Depth
  • Removable Full Face Pads
  • I-Beam Bar for reduced flexing and bowing
  • Quick Change Screw to allow for easy conversion to spreader
  • Adjustable Foot
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Item #Clamping CapacitySpreading CapacityThroat Depth
2021406N150 mm (6")231 mm - 370 mm93 mm
2021412N300 m (12")231 mm - 526 mm93 mm
2021418N450 mm (18")231 mm - 680 mm93 mm
2021424N600 mm (24")231 mm - 825 mm93 mm
2021436N910 mm (36")231 mm - 1130 mm93 mm
2021450N1270 mm (50")231 mm - 1482 mm93 mm