Power Drill I-100 Auger Bits

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Power Drill I-100 Auger Bits Features:

  • Self feeding screw point provides faster boring in soft woods
  • Single spur tip scribes the hole for a smoother finish
  • Solid centre provides extra rigidity while boring
  • Fully hardened body from tip to shank for extra durability
  • Hex shank prevents bit slipping in chuck
  • Can be used in 10mm (3/8") or larger electric drills
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Item #SizeLengthShankHex
0006-191-066 mm (1/4")Short (191mm)5.8mm4.8mm
0006-191-088 mm (5/16")Short (191mm)6.3mm5.4mm
0006-191-1010 mm (3/8")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1111 mm (7/16")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1212 mm (1/2")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1414 mm (9/16")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1616 mm (5/8")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1717 mm (11/16")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-1919 mm (3/4")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-2121 mm (13/16")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-2222 mm (7/8")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-2424 mm (15/16")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-191-2525 mm (1")Short (191mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-066 mm (1/4")Medium (280mm)5.8mm4.8mm
0006-280-088 mm (5/16")Medium (280mm)6.3mm5.4mm
0006-280-1010 mm (3/8")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-1212 mm (1/2")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-1313 mmMedium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-1414 m (9/16")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-1616 mm (5/8")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-1919 mm (3/4")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-2222 mm (7/8")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-280-2525 mm (7/8")Medium (280mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-066 mm (1/4")Long (400mm)5.8mm4.8mm
0006-400-088 mm (5/16")Long (400mm)6.3mm5.4mm
0006-400-1010 mm (3/8")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-1212mm (1/2")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-1414 mm (9/16")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-1616 mm (5/8")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-1818 mmLong (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-1919 mm (3/4")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-2020 mmLong (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-2222 mm (7/8")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-2424 mm (15/16")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm
0006-400-2525 mm (1")Long (400mm)9.2mm7.9mm