SPEEDBOR Blue Groove Spade Bits

Item # 88816 shown

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SPEEDBOR Blue Groove Spade Bits Features:

  • Blue-Groove point and cutting edge cuts the wood up to 4X faster
  • Double spurs for cleaner holes and reduced breakout
  • Curved scoop optimises control and removal of wood chips
  • 6mm hex shank prevents bit from slipping in chuck
  • Full length heat treated body is stronger and lasts longer
  • Quick Change shank for fast changing in Lock-n-Load adaptors. Not applicable to 406mm length bits
  • 10% larger shank for added durability
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Item #LengthSize
88906160 mm6 mm
88908160 mm8 mm
88910160 mm10 mm
88912160 mm12 mm
88913160 mm13 mm
88914160 mm14 mm
88916160 mm16 mm
88918160 mm18 mm
88919160 mm19 mm
88920160 mm20 mm
88922160 mm22 mm
88924160 mm24 mm
88925160 mm25 mm
88928160 mm28 mm
88930160 mm30 mm
88932160 mm32 mm
88935160 mm35 mm
88938160 mm38 mm
88610406 mm10 mm
88612406 mm12 mm
88616406 mm16 mm
88619406 mm19 mm
88620406 mm20 mm
88622406 mm22 mm
88625406 mm25 mm