Phillips Torsion Bits

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Phillips Torsion Bits Features:

  • Cold forged manufactured body for long lasting durability
  • Unique geometry of the cold forged cylindrical body allows bit to absorb a higher torque load than standard screwdriver bits for greater performance
  • Cold forged tip delivers precise tip fitment and less stripping in fasteners
  • Tough shock grade S2 alloy tool steel
  • 1/4" hex for use in bit holders
  • Design provides a tighter fit in fasteners with quick engagement and disengagement
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Item #DescriptionInsert SizeLength
3053001TORSION Phillips Bits 2pkPH #125mm
3053002TORSION Phillips Bits 2pkPH #225mm
3053004TORSION Phillips Bits 2pkPH #325mm
3053001BSBulk TORSION Phillips BitsPH #125mm
3053002BSBulk TORSION Phillips BitsPH #225mm
3053004BSBulk TORSION Phillips BitsPH #325mm