Impact Magnetic Nutsetters

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Impact Magnetic Nutsetters Features:

IRWIN® Impact Performance Series™ lobular nutsetters are built for maximum durability, performance, and long life with impact tools. They are designed to drive the fastener from the side, rather than forcing the corners to turn, maintaining the true shape of the fastener and dramatically reducing breakage and damage from stripping. 
  • Lobular design drives fastener on side instead of corner for less stripping and longer life
  • Rare earth magnets hold fasteners securely with four times the hold of standard magnets
  • 1/4" quick-change shank is designed to work with impact drivers, and reduces slipping in standard drill chucks
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Item #DescriptionInsert SizeLength
1837545Impact Magnetic Nutsetters1/4"65mm
1837547Impact Magnetic Nutsetters5/16"65mm
1837550Impact Magnetic Nutsetters3/8"65mm
1837562Impact Magnetic Nutsetters1/4"152mm
1837564Impact Magnetic Nutsetters5/16"152mm
1837566Impact Magnetic Nutsetters3/8"152mm
1837568Impact Magnetic Nutsetters1/4"304mm
1837569Impact Magnetic Nutsetters5/16"304mm
1837570Impact Magnetic Nutsetters3/8"304mm
1837531Impact Magnetic Nutsetters (3pk)1/4", 5/16", 3/8"47mm
9097984BULK Impact Magnetic Nutsetters (10)5/16"100mm
9097985BULK Impact Magnetic Nutsetters (10)3/8"100mm